Next Steps...

U.S. Congressman Bobby Scott (D) is up for election in 2020. There are only 4 Democrats at the state level that represent Isle of Wight County. State Senator Louise Lucas, Governor Ralph Northam, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, and Attorney General Mark Herring. All 4 are up for election in November 2021.

Republican Elected Officials

Isle of Wight County


Tommy Norment

Senate Minority Leader, 3rd District

As Senate Minority Leader, Tommy is the most powerful Republican in Virginia's General Assembly. Tommy regularly works on legislation to make our community safer and ensure that Virginia remains the best state in which to raise a family and do business. Tommy is a champion of Virginia's right-to-work laws and equally committed to promoting transparency in government. As a graduate of public schools and the father of a teacher, Tommy fully understands the need for our Commonwealth to provide high quality education to all students.


John Cosgrove

State Senate, 14th District

Previously serving in the House of Delegates, John was first elected to the State Senate in 2013. As a veteran and defense engineer, John understands the critical role our nation's military is to the economy of Western Tidewater. John serves on the Senate Commerce and Labor committee where he has worked to cut unnecessary government red tape and create opportunities for small businesses to grow. Having a strong voice for transportation needs is vital to the future success of Isle of Wight and John serves on both the Senate Transportation Committee and the Hampton Roads Transporation Accountability Commission.


Emily Brewer

House of Delegates, 64th District

First elected in November 2017, Emily is youngest Republican woman ever elected to the House of Delegates and has worked tirelessly to fight for the values that are important to our community. She was named the 2018 Freshman Legislator of the Year by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce for her work in fostering a pro-business atmosphere in Virginia. As a member of the Finance Committee, Emily fought to defeat nearly $1 billion in new tax increases. As a staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment, Emily has defeated several liberal gun-control proposals and has advanced protections for our gun rights.